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The Soul Secrets Podcast looks at the importance of Spirituality and Health. Robyn interviews guests and hosts conversations on how beneficial Spirituality is to our well-being and the importance of looking inside to find purpose and connection in our lives. If you want to learn about your intuition, find happiness and connect to the bigger part of you come and join us. .


The Insight Wellness group was created to help you gain a deeper understanding of meditation, connection and establish a practice that fits in your daily life. Robyn will teach you how to meditate, guide you in developing a daily practice and cover a weekly topic ranging from journalling to gratitude and other spiritual topics. This group is a gorgeous opportunity to re-charge and take care of your mind each week. Check out the event below for more information.

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Robyn's passion and honesty shines through during public speaking. She has an ability to tap into areas that the group needs and this skill to deliver her talk. If you wish to educate your employees or groups on health and wellness, Robyn has the ability to deliver exactly what you need.

Spirituality and Health

Corporate wellness and Public speaking 


Insight Wellness Group


The Nutritionist-GP Initiative combines Nutrition advice with Western medicine to help people in our practice improve their health and we want you to join us. For a monthly focus, nutrition information and recipes join our initiative.


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