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Robyn Taaffe BSc, Dip NT.

Practice Nurse, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Medicine Advocate & Meditation Teacher

Robyn is a Registered Nurse, Nutritionist and Meditation Teacher specialising in Lifestyle Medicine. Currently practising as a GP Nurse, Robyn combines her qualifications to assist patients with improving their health through Nutrition, Physical Activity and Stress Management alongside General Practitioners. 

Robyn is also the founder of Insight Wellness Group, designed with the intention of helping people manage their stress to reduce the negative health implications of Chronic Stress. 


My Services

The Insight Wellness Group is a group designed to assist you with Stress management using methods such as Meditation, Mindfulness and other tools scientifically proven to reduce the negative health implications of Chronic Stress.

Insight Wellness Group


Robyns passion for health shines through during her public speaking. She has the ability to understand exactly what participants need and tailors her content to suit the audience.

Public Speaking


Robyn is passionate about food relationship having experienced disordered eating for a number of years. See below for her Binge Eating series and content in this area.

Food Relationship

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